Hot Werewolf Novel: The Alpha’s Mate

The Alpha's Mate by Jacqueline RhoadesThe Alpha’s Mate by Jacqueline Rhoades

It doesn’t begin like your typical werewolf novel. There are no snarling wolves, no fangs revealed- at least not yet. It starts with Elizabeth, ex-librarian and hopefully soon to be author, talking to herself as she drives through the Appalachian Mountains watching for that “simple cabin in the woods” she just rented.

Maybe that was why she was so distracted by the wolf that ran in front of her car, sending it into a tailspin and down an embankment. The one good thing that came from that accident was Marshall Goodman, the local Chief of Police. He stood tall, almost too handsome, and ready to rescue her from the muddy mess.

But all is not as it seems in the small backwoods town. When a fire in Marshall’s barn brings the rest of the townsfolk to help rescue his horses, Elizabeth feels like she has stumbled into a friendly community of welcoming neighbors. You can almost smell Aunt Bee’s pies cooling on the windowsill. Even with the disappointment at finding that the handsome Marshall seems to have a living arrangement with another man, she can’t quite stop the trembling in her body every time he touches her. But there is something not quite right here.

Rabbit Creek

But the folks in Rabbit Creek are not ordinary folks. These people are wolvers. They came to these mountains from the wild hill country of Scotland back when the colonies were just beginning their rebellion, and they stayed. They are fiercely loyal to everyone in the clan, especially their Alpha, Marshall.

Although they are a pretty self-sufficient people, there are a few things they do need. Right now, their Alpha needs a mate. It is part of their ancient traditions that they appoint one for him, and they have decided that Elizabeth is perfect for him.

And while she may find him attractive, of that there is no question, she has her doubts. She has come to love these people, and to really care for Marshall. She just isn’t so sure that this is how she wants to find the man of her dreams.

A Werewolf Novel with Heart

I love this werewolf novel for breaking a lot of the conventions around werewolves. These are strong weres, but not the fierce scary werewolves we see so often in this kind of romantic werewolf novel these days.

While the sex is there, it is so much more about the joyful giving then the usual unbridled passion. But far more, there is the sense of who these people are, beyond the fact they are creatures. The sense of community, the gentle caring, is what makes this book rise above the average werewolf novel to be truly one you hate to put down.

Best of all, it is the first book in a projected three book series. I am definitely looking forward to visiting Rabbit Creek and its wonderful clan again soon.

You too can make a trip to this wonderful clan of werewolves by downloading the kindle version of The Alpha’s Mate or ordering the paperback edition for your own library shelves.

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