Charming Werewolf Romance: The Alpha’s Choice by Jacqueline Rhoades

The Alpha's Choice by Jacqueline Rhoades, werewolf romanceThe Alpha’s Choice by Jacqueline Rhoades

I have come to love Jacqueline Rhoades approach to werewolf romance. Her gals are smart and sassy, but also just a bit out of the ordinary. Her men are, well let’s just say that not only are they to die for yummy, but she gives some of the best descriptions I have ever read. There is no mistaking just what makes this wolf hot in Alpha’s Choice.

I did a review of the first book in this series, The Alpha’s Mate, not too long ago and the book had me running to find the next in the series. I wasn’t disappointed. She delivers another “fairy tale” filled with romance, humor and some delicious werewolves. Even the evil bad guys were great!

The Unexpected Visitor

It all starts when Kat, short for Katerina, is hired to be nanny, guardian and even housekeeper for five kids in a remote but incredible old Victorian home in the Appalachian Mountains. Her first night there she encounters a huge wolf, that strangely enough is not only not fearful of humans, he seems to understand her.

When the next day introduces her to the drop dead gorgeous Charles, she is surprised to find herself passionately attracted to him, and he to her. The entire scene where they meet in the kitchen is charming and sexy and quirky all at the same time. That was pretty much when I knew I was gonna love this book!

New Beginnings

Charles is, of course, the alpha of his pack. His people have lived in these mountains for a long time, keeping their true identity hidden for centuries. Kat is recovering from a bad marriage that kept taking until she had no more left to give. Now she is looking for a new start in life, and Charles may be just the man wolf to give it to her!

I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say that when Kat thinks about her grandmother telling her that she is different, she doesn’t realize just how right she is! Both Kat and Charles stray from the conventional werewolf romance concept, for the better I think!

There are, of course, problems brewing in the pack and obstacles to overcome. What would a paranormal romance be without those? But they never get in the way of telling a great story with characters you don’t just like, you wish you could be! And the love scenes – man let’s just say that you will not be skipping over these love scenes. They are beautiful without being over the top.

An Original Werewolf Romance Series

This one was connected without being a carbon copy of the first book in this werewolf romance series. I think it was part of what made it more interesting to me, same place but new problems. Can’t wait to see what she does with the next book in the series.

You can be enjoying this great new addition to Jacqueline Rhoades latest series tonight by downloading the kindle version now. Or, if you are the patient type, you can have the folks at Amazon ship you the paperback edition for delayed satisfaction.

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Engaging Werewolf Series: The Moon Shifter Books by Katie Reus

seriespic.jpgThis werewolf series has romance, adventure and plenty of wolf pack bonding to keep any werewolf fan happy. One element that is common in many of the werewolf series I have read, and is here as well, is how each book tells the over-arching tale of the survival of the wolf pack, and the romantic tale of a pair in the pack.

The added bonus for this series is that we always get a hint of what is to come, since author Katie Reus does a fine job of introducing the main characters for the next book well into this one. It gives the whole series a great sense of continuity.


werewolf series, Alpha.Instinct by Katie Reus

Meet the Pack in Book One!

Alpha Instinct

When all the pregnant females along with all the males in her pack are poisoned, it is up to Ana Cordona to keep the pack alive when she is made Alpha due to her family line. The pack’s ranch may be in good shape, but the pack isn’t. Weakened without a true Alpha, the pack may soon be at the mercy of Taggert, a shifter with devious ways and even dirtier thoughts about Ana.

When Connor Armstrong shows back up at the ranch, he and his brother Liam seem to be the salvation for the pack. The only trouble is, although Connor is more than willing to take on the work of running the pack he expects Ana to commit to him as his mate. He broke her heart the last time he was around; can she trust him not to do it again?

Conner has taken one look at Ana and knew it had been a mistake to leave her before. Can he convince her he has learned his lesson? And just to make life more exciting, they have a new enemy in the neighborhood. A human organization has begun to target shifters, and their pack could be their next victim.

You can download your own Kindle edition of Alpha Instinct today or just ask the nice folks at Amazon if they will ship you the paperback version quick like a bunny chased by a wolf!


werewolf series, Primal Possession

The second in command feels the heat!

Primal Possession

We met Liam in the last book, this time the story focuses on him and a human in town he just can’t seem to stay away from. Liam is second in command, and used to getting what he wants. That isn’t about to happen, at least not easily with December McIntyre. Just because the wolf inside Liam knows she is destined to be his doesn’t mean she has to accept his protection.

There is bad blood between shifters and the McIntyre family. It’s the kind of history that creates wars in some places. Liam brings along pack enforcer Jayce to make his point, but this seems to just infuriate some in the town. Even though December would be the first to admit that Liam haunts her in all the right ways, she isn’t sure she wants to give up her freedom. Then she is attacked in her bookstore and knows she will need Liam’s help. Can she ask for it, when it may mean facing the growing desire for the handsome young shifter?

Are you ready for more primal werewolf series romance? Just download the kindle version of Primal Possession today or order the paperback version to adorn your bookshelf soon.


Mating Instinct, werewolf series

The Pack Enforcer finds a mate!

Mating Instinct

Enforcer Jayce is not one to spend much time with humans. In the couple of centuries that have passed since he was turned, only once has he met a human he could connect with. Her name is Kat Saburova and she is a mage. His instinctive need to protect her kept him at her side but his refusal to bond with her in the end drove her away. The decision becomes a pivotal one when a year later Kat is attacked and turned by another shifter.

Now Jayce is determined to correct his mistake and prove to Kat that he will always be there to protect her, if she will have him. But the new wolf within her is strong and she doesn’t dare to let her feelings loose yet. She will need to trust someone soon though, because the ferocious killers who almost ended her life are back, and this time they are swearing to do the job right. This third book in the werewolf series is not the end, be sure to watch for more adventures in the Moon Shifter Series.

Why not go for the gold and get all three? You can download the Kindle version of Mating Instinct to read the instant you are done with Primal Possession right now. Perhaps you are more the paperback kind of reader? We got you covered there too!

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Hot Werewolf Novel: The Alpha’s Mate

The Alpha's Mate by Jacqueline RhoadesThe Alpha’s Mate by Jacqueline Rhoades

It doesn’t begin like your typical werewolf novel. There are no snarling wolves, no fangs revealed- at least not yet. It starts with Elizabeth, ex-librarian and hopefully soon to be author, talking to herself as she drives through the Appalachian Mountains watching for that “simple cabin in the woods” she just rented.

Maybe that was why she was so distracted by the wolf that ran in front of her car, sending it into a tailspin and down an embankment. The one good thing that came from that accident was Marshall Goodman, the local Chief of Police. He stood tall, almost too handsome, and ready to rescue her from the muddy mess.

But all is not as it seems in the small backwoods town. When a fire in Marshall’s barn brings the rest of the townsfolk to help rescue his horses, Elizabeth feels like she has stumbled into a friendly community of welcoming neighbors. You can almost smell Aunt Bee’s pies cooling on the windowsill. Even with the disappointment at finding that the handsome Marshall seems to have a living arrangement with another man, she can’t quite stop the trembling in her body every time he touches her. But there is something not quite right here.

Rabbit Creek

But the folks in Rabbit Creek are not ordinary folks. These people are wolvers. They came to these mountains from the wild hill country of Scotland back when the colonies were just beginning their rebellion, and they stayed. They are fiercely loyal to everyone in the clan, especially their Alpha, Marshall.

Although they are a pretty self-sufficient people, there are a few things they do need. Right now, their Alpha needs a mate. It is part of their ancient traditions that they appoint one for him, and they have decided that Elizabeth is perfect for him.

And while she may find him attractive, of that there is no question, she has her doubts. She has come to love these people, and to really care for Marshall. She just isn’t so sure that this is how she wants to find the man of her dreams.

A Werewolf Novel with Heart

I love this werewolf novel for breaking a lot of the conventions around werewolves. These are strong weres, but not the fierce scary werewolves we see so often in this kind of romantic werewolf novel these days.

While the sex is there, it is so much more about the joyful giving then the usual unbridled passion. But far more, there is the sense of who these people are, beyond the fact they are creatures. The sense of community, the gentle caring, is what makes this book rise above the average werewolf novel to be truly one you hate to put down.

Best of all, it is the first book in a projected three book series. I am definitely looking forward to visiting Rabbit Creek and its wonderful clan again soon.

You too can make a trip to this wonderful clan of werewolves by downloading the kindle version of The Alpha’s Mate or ordering the paperback edition for your own library shelves.

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Sexy Werewolf Books: The Redwood Pack

werewolf book, werewolf books

Sexy hot werewolf book series!

The Redwood Pack Series by Carrie Anne Ryan

In the world of fantasy, werewolf books have always been a mixed bag. The basic concept intrigues me because wolves are in and of themselves such amazing survivors. I can imagine that a werewolf would be one also, with that extra problem solving gene that has stood us so well throughout history.

The Redwood Pack is an interesting series as author Carrie Anne Ryan takes us along to a well-formed world of werewolves and strong loyalties. The Jamieson family has been the alpha in this pack for centuries. The series introduces us to each of their kids, six boys and a lone girl. Since finding their mate is the ultimate romance, it is only fitting that Carrie chose to tell us the tale of how each brother (and the one lone sister) found and kept that special person or persons in their lives.

werewolf book, werewolf booksRedwood Pack Volume 1

This book actually combines two of the original eBooks into one volume. It starts with An Alpha’s Path, the story of Kade, the eldest son and his mate Melanie. She is human, and a scientist to boot. They are set up on a blind date, which is actually even blinder then most. You see, Melanie has no idea that the little town she has just moved to is full of werewolves. The Redwood Pack rule the area, but to Melanie he is simply the hottest man she has ever seen. And Kade, burned once already by a mate he could not keep isn’t prepared for how strongly he wants this tiny brilliant woman.

The second book in this pack is A Taste for A Mate. Here we meet Jasper, the Beta of the pack and the emotional center. He is a green-eyed god, and every morning he walks into Willow’s bakery and leaves her weak-kneed and wondering just what got into her. They are drawn to each other, but neither act on it until the fateful day that Willow is kidnapped by a rival werewolf pack. Do they mean her harm or is she simply the bait for Jasper to walk into? He knows it may be a trap, but he knows he can’t take the chance.

We have Redwood Pack Volume One available through Amazon in either the handy downloadable Kindle format or you can order the paperback version shipped to you pronto.


werewolf book, werewolf booksRedwood Pack Volume 2

The first werewolf book of this pack is Trinity Bound. In it we meet Hannah Lewis, an earth witch who has been captured by a werewolf who takes pleasure in her pain. Another captive is Reed, the third son of the Jamieson werewolf family and the artist of the group. Together Reed and Hannah find solace in each other and eventually escape. Along the way, they find love. But even with Hannah, Reed feels something is missing in his life. That missing piece shows up in the form of Josh, an ex-military and very human. He not only helps them to escape, but along the way discovers love comes in many forms.

The second half of the second volume, A Night Away, is actually a novella that gives us a glimpse into the lives of Kade and Melanie, the couple we first met in the very first volume of the Redwood Wolfpack. Marriage has been good for them. It’s been two very eventful years, they have a small son, and the pressure of the battles with the rival Central Pack has taken its toll. They need a break from the pack and all their responsibilities. Just one night alone is all they want. But even though Maddox may be the Omega of the pack, holder of the emotions, having the responsibility of a child may be more than he can handle.

We have Redwood Pack Volume Two available through Amazon in either the handy downloadable Kindle format or you can order the paperback version shipped to you pronto.


werewolf book, werewolf booksRedwood Pack Volume 3

This pack of paranormal romances starts off with Enforcer’s Redemption, the story behind the pack’s enforcer Adam. As the enforcer he is there to protect, but he couldn’t protect his own wife and child. Now he is a broken man, alive only to fulfill his duties to the pack. But Bay, a werewolf with a past and a secret may be just the one to change all of that. That is if they can survive what the central pack has in store for them.

Blurred Expectations takes us back to Hannah, Josh and Reed. All around her Hannah sees babies, but none seem to come for the threesome. It begins to create problems within the relationship and just at about the worst time. For someone from Josh’s past is back. It is putting not just their relationship but the whole pack in jeopardy.

We have Redwood Pack Volume Three available through Amazon in either the handy downloadable Kindle format or you can order the paperback version shipped to you pronto.


werewolf book, werewolf booksRedwood Pack Volume 4

With the first story, Forgiveness we return to Adam and Bay, in a novella-length werewolf book that further explores the growing bond between the two. Although Adam may admit that the courtship between the two was pretty much non-existent, he knows that the passion is there. He will need to prove to Bay that he is capable of giving her the love she deserves after their rocky beginning. Then Bay finds a locket that could open up memories, history and more. Will it also help them to find the love they both need?

In Shattered Emotions we learn more about Maddox, the Omega that must bear the burden of over-powerful emotions. There is always a high price for any Omega to pay for their gift, and Maddox has struggled with his all his life. But most of all, he fears to think of what this life would do to her should he find a mate. So far he has managed to elude that fate – until now.

Worse yet, she is the Central Pack’s Princess. Her father is the most feared Alpha of all time, and she has been the tortured plaything of her brothers all her life. War is coming, her ability to keep her chin up is dwindling, and her rescuer is the son of her enemy. But the spark is there, if they can but survive to fan it further.

We have Redwood Pack Volume Four available through Amazon in either the handy downloadable Kindle format or you can order the paperback version shipped to you pronto.

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Howling Romance in Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

Wicked Cravings by Suzanne WrightWicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

Running together in the same wolfpack night after night, Jaime can’t help but realize her overwhelming attraction to Dante. Not that he’s ever acted in any way to acknowledge it. And there are some times when it begins to drive Jaime crazy. But now the wolf shifter has decided it’s time to move on. She can’t wait forever for Dante to return her feelings.

But Dante’s role as the pack’s Beta must take precedence over everything else. He never realized how much he enjoyed the attention from Jaime until it was gone. He has always been aware of just how much the playful and flirtatious Jaime creates a longing in him. It’s a longing he doesn’t have time to pay attention to, not right now.

Jamie’s Secret

But there is more going on with Jaime then this, and he knows it. He can sense a secret, one she doesn’t share with anyone. As pack Beta he needs to know if the secret is something that could hurt the pack or even him. The question is, can he break down Jamie’s defense’s without hurting what they share?

It’s not surprising that Dante is not only all man but definitely macho. He is bossy, protective to the point of ridiculous sometimes and thoroughly adorable. Did I mention he was sexy? When you put that up against a female like Jaime who is sassy and yet vulnerable there are bound to be sparks.

More From The Phoenix Park

In the second book in the Phoenix Pack series, we are introduced to a new couple. Make that a hot couple! If you like your romance a little on the furry side with plenty of hot action, have I got a series for you! Anyone who’s checked out the first book in this series knows what to expect: shifters, romance, and lots of hot bodies.

You can satisfy your wicked cravings with the paperback from our friends at Amazon or you can download the kindle version and be feeding those needs tonight.

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Werewolf Mystery and Romance with Six Moon Summer by S.M. Reine

Six Moon Summer by SM ReineSix Moon Summer by SM Reine

When 16 year old Rylie is “shipped off” (her words) to summer camp she knows nothing good can come of it. Her parents want her out of the way as the final death throes of their marriage come to an end. Summer camp isn’t any better, it turns out. The kids not only don’t like her, they bully her mercilessly.

Finally, unable to deal with any more of it, Rylie walks away one evening, looking for peace in the Gray Mountains. She isn’t really running away, she tells herself. But what she hopes to find in herself that night is transformed into more than she bargained for.  Instead of the peace she is looking for, what she finds is terror in the shape of a wolf that stalks and attacks her.

The Werewolf Moon

But when she awakens in her cabin the next day she isn’t sure what really happened. Her wounds look old and healed. Then a stranger, a sexy boy from the boy’s camp nearby begins to tell her unimaginable things. He talks of werewolves and the local myths that she isn’t sure she believes. But as the full moon approaches she begins to worry.

Because with each new phase of the moon she experiences changes that she cannot explain. What happens when the full moon returns? Can she find a way to change her fate? Why does this boy know so much about werewolves? And most of all, can she control this growing attraction to him?

A New Werewolf Series

Sara, better known as SM Reine to fans of speculative fiction, has done it again! I love this woman’s writing and have come to look forward to each new series she has created. This one, Seasons of the Moon, starts off with the book we reviewed here Six Moon Summer.

I don’t know if she finds time to eat and sleep between all the speculative fiction series she pens, but I hope so. That may be because I sure don’t want her fainting away from lack of food and so not moving forward with the next one in this werewolf series. Let’s just say the ending makes you want to ask Sara to write faster for the next book.

Are you ready for some werewolf romance and adventure? You can download the very reasonably priced Kindle version today or simply order the paperback and be reading it before you know it.

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Battle Stirs in Fate and Fury by Quinn Lofts

Fate and Fury by Quinn LoftisThis is the latest book in the Grey Wolves Series, and if you haven’t been following them you may want to go back and start at the beginning. There are many couples lives and loves to follow and the path can be torturous if you don’t have a road map! That said, if you are following this series then I am sure that this latest is one you have been waiting for with bated breath.

It picks up pretty much exactly where we left everyone in Beyond the Veil. The males in the pack were out of reach and Desmonda is out of control. More than ever the males will be put through the agony of watching their mates go through yet more pain. When you have bondings as strong as the ones here, this can be torture just to read!

Fate and Fury has Werewolves in Peril

Sally and her pack are once more in danger. No sooner does she experience the joy of finding her true mate then everything around her is literally destroyed before her eyes. Not alone in her struggles, Peri and her band of wolves continue to attempt to reach the land of the Fey. The Council of the Fey finally agrees to send out emissaries to all the wolf pack, asking them to unit in this final battle against Mona before it is too late.

A Final Battle is Stirring

While others struggle against the never ending nightmares that hold them captive, Sally continues to keep her faith that the Great Luna will fulfill her promise. Salvation will come, it must come.  Whatever comes of this time, she knows she must play her role. As will the others. For the great battle is just beginning and all will have a role to play! The many races will need to unite for once if they are to succeed. Petty differences will need to  be put aside, wolves, fae and all the races will need to come together to face the one who could finally put an end to everything.

Fate and Fury, the 6th book in the Grey Wolves Series can be ordered here in either Kindle editions or as a paperback version.

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Book Review – Testing Fate by Belinda Boring


book review, Testing Fate by Belinda Boring

The third book in the Mystic Wolves series.

Testing Fate by Belinda Boring

Testing Fate begins by picking up right where she left us with Book Two in the Mystic Wolves Series Forget Me Not. Once again we are swept into the lives and romances of our favorite Mystic Wolves Pack alpha Mason and his mate Darcy. It appears that the single-minded Amber may have finally tempted fate one time too many as the council makes it decision and pronounces judgment on her for all her misdeeds. Just when you would think that Mason and Darcy will finally have their HAE we all wish for them, the Fates decide they have other plans.

Darcy has been accused of manipulating the fate of the pack and using magic to do it. It is the same accusation that had made about Amber. Now Darcy would have to face the three wise women who decide everyone’s fates.  The decision is made and Darcy is given a task, a trial if you will. Can she prove that she and Mason are true mates, destined to be together?

Is Darcy Testing Fate?

With only Devlin the vampire enforcer as a companion she must face even greater dangers then before. The Fates will be watching, they will know if she acts in betrayal of her bond with Mason or against the conditions they have placed on her. For both Mason and Darcy, the final test of their bond is before them now. It will test each of them to their outmost limits, asking more of them then anything ever has before.

Twisting Plots and Unexpected Events

I don’t want to give too much away as the power of Belinda Boring’s writing really is in the way she can twist and turn a plot until you are chewing off your nails to the quick! This one actually had more unexpected plot twists and emotional roller coaster rides then even the usual Belinda Boring tale. And that does indeed say a lot.

There is a reason so many refer to her as the Queen of the Cliffhanger. Yes, there is another book after this one and you can be sure it will have all the myriad twists and turns of fate in it. For now, however, if you have been following the adventures of the Mystic Wolves pack as Mason and Darcy struggle to find acceptance for their love, you will swoon with delight for this latest chapter. For the two must face and overcome their greatest fears, and prove their love once again.

We have your copy of Testing Fate available here in the Kindle format for fast download.

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Werewolf Books in Review – Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

Red Moon by Benjamin PercyMove over Stephen King because I think Benjamin Percy may be after your throne as the King of Intelligent Horror. This is an amazing werewolf tale, like nothing else you will have read before. Smart, political without being preachy and the kind of story that may well be considered “literature” beyond the label of “genre fiction”. It uses the metaphor of werewolves to look at a couple of important questions about how we deal with our xenophobia (look it up, it’s a great word) and what we think defines us as human beings. They are great questions to ask in a werewolf story, and this one asks it in a few very insightful ways.

The story starts by thrusting you into the drama of Patrick’s day. We rush along with him as he heads for a flight he doesn’t even want to be getting on. We see his life with his father and the events of his day just long enough to come to understand the ordinariness of Patrick and his life. All too quickly the POV shifts and we are on the plane, reading the horror of a werewolf attack in mid-air. Mindless, bloody and terrifying, it unrolls before our eyes with Patrick in the end the sole survivor by sheer accident. It is the first act in a play about a desperate people who have been marginalized and what they will do to be heard.

A Horrifying American Tale

Welcome to an America where lycanthropy exists, as a disease that is rooted out and destroyed. Anyone caught having it is medicated to block the change from happening, leaving the “patient” a drugged out shell, barely able to think straight. But you don’t have a choice. It is either you take your meds; they are carefully controlled to ensure that you do, or leave the country and join others like you in The Republic. The break-away country is in a small pretty much unwanted corner of northern Europe that has been claimed by the Lycans as their own. A place they can live and be themselves, if the rest of the world would only let them.

It is also where there is a war going on, one that has some resemblances to the Vietnam War. The Americans are there to “protect their interest”, in this case some mines, and the civilians just wish they would leave. Patrick’s Dad is heading out to that war. So are quite a few others. It will become an important part of the story as we learn more about Lycan life in The Republic and in America. It isn’t pretty in either case.

They Dwell Among Us

But there is another story here, one told from within the resistance. Claire seems at first like an ordinary high school girl. She is looking through college catalogues and dreaming of palm trees. She sees the report on the airplane carnage in the news and feels that even though her family is Lycan, there is no reason for concern. They take their meds; they are normal middle-class people with similar Lycan friends in the neighborhood. There are subtle hints that something more is happening. When the door is broken down and her parents executed by government militia, she escapes through her bedroom window, shifting to wolf and running. It is the start of a very long journey.

The story continues, showing us these two very different sides to the same story. There are no bad guys in this werewolf tale, just sets of people trying to find a way to survive. The part that makes it feel so eerie is that the world is so much our own, that you can see how easy it would be for this to happen. For a group of people whose only crime is they have a genetic predisposition to this mutation (the story refers to it as a protein fold, interesting idea) and so are considered criminal by simply existing. Or at least, they are simply wanting to exist as a normal human being and not as a drugged out lab rat without any rights.

Red Moon and the Pull of the Wolf

Woven into the story is the underground group, fighting to keep their freedom. They aren’t all heroes by any means, but they aren’t psychotic crazed killers either. They are people pushed to the limit and willing to do just about anything to survive at this point.

The writing is gripping, the characters so well developed that I found myself worrying about them in between reading. That doesn’t happen often when you read as many books as I do, but this is a story that can keep you up at night thinking about it. It also went in some directions I wasn’t prepared to discover; some new ways of thinking that only worked because I was so invested in the characters and what they would do.

Tales of Werewolves, Men and War

Like I said at the beginning, this is not your ordinary “howl at the moon” werewolf story. I would be very interested to see where Benjamin Percy will be going from here. Looking at his website, I would say he would be an interesting writer to follow. He’s done some short stories for the likes of GQ, Esquire and Time, as well as his two short story collections Refresh, Refresh and The Language of Elk.

If you like graphic novels, there is a very interesting looking collaboration in that format also called Refresh, Refresh you might want to check it out. This is his second novel and I have to say it is an astounding viewpoint on the nature of man, beast and werewolf. Red Moon is a great book for both fans of the werewolf genre or just of great storytelling. You can get your copy of Red Moon in either the hardcover edition or download it for your Kindle.

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Book Review – Awakening the Fire by Ally Shields

Awakening the Fire by Ally ShieldsAwakening the Fire by Ally Shields

Newcomer Ally Shields proves she can deliver in this exciting new urban fantasy. Riverdale has its share of paranormals and Arianna Calin is not only one of them, but she is sworn to protect them. Being a cop is never easy, but being a cop in a town like Riverdale when you are a fire witch can be a challenge. But Ari is no stranger to the dangers and comes prepared to work side by side with her human partner to keep order.

But keeping order is only a part of it and the sudden appearance of a deadly drug on her streets has Ari looking for the reasons behind it all. When a werewolf pack out for trouble adds to the danger, the town of Riverdale begins to get testy all around.

Vamps, Werewolves and other Dangers

But the werewolves are just the start of the problems. While following a strange werewolf she meets a vampire that just seems to draw her in. He is a part of the Otherworld community and yet there is something about him that compels her. Every time the two of them are together, strange magical things happen. The problem is they aren’t always good things. She knows she doesn’t need this kind of distraction right now, in the midst of werewolf problems and wild drugs on the street. She just wishes she was better at controlling her reactions to him.

If you are a fan of Kim Harrison’s The Hollows, chances are this is your kind of story. While there are some similar set ups here, this is not some cookie-cutter story. Shields proves she can bring us a tale with character, style and just enough sexual tension to keep us up late at night turning the page. This may indeed be the start of a great new urban fantasy series.

You can get your own Kindle or paperback editions of Awakening the Fire at the links.

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